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My older brother was just put in jail and needs money so I offered to part out his 2006 Kawasaki ZX-14 Ninja. He over revved it and dropped a valve last december. We started to tear into to to rebuild the motor but never got around to it. It had a Power Commander III and Two Brothers Slip-on exhaust. EVERYTHING MUST GO! Im located in Nevada. My brother need s$4000 out of it but if we could get $3500, that'll work. I will sell whole for $3000 if anyone is interested in that decision. MAKE OFFERS ON EVERYTHING. I could do deals if you buy more then a couple things. Also, This bike has never been laid over.

PCIII - $175
Two Brothers Racing Slip-on Exhaust - $450

EVERYTHING ELSE JUST MAKE AN OFFER ON. I'll beat any ebay Buy-It-Now price

The top end of the motor is toast for sure. The bottom end I'm not positive on. I'll go 900 on the bottom end and cylinder and pistons.

Call or text me at 775 934 6329

Thanks, Troy


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Right clip on, Right foot peg, clutch cover, and pulser cover SOLD!

Lowered prices for two brothers exhaust and the pc3

Two Brothers 300

PC3 140

Also heres some prices for other stuff

Instrument cluster - 200
Rear Rotor 25
Front and Rear tires and wheels 400
motor - 900
seat 75
left clip on 40
gas tank 100
everything else, make offers on!

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received it, i'll send it as soon as the echeck clears! thanks rob

also heres some more pictures

engine stuff,
1000 for all
100 TB
200 Head cams valves
900 block, bottom end, cylinder pistons

1000 for frame, subframe, forks wiring harness, everything in this pictures
250 - forks
300 - main frame
200 wiring harness
50 subframe
150 front brake calipers and lines
50 calipers

100 gas tank
100 pc3
200 front tires and rim
300 rear tire rims sprocket and rotor
25 clutch line
50 front fender
25 other plastic piece

50 header
250 cluster
150 radiator
300 side fairings

150 headlights
100 headlight fairing
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