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tell me whatchu think? ive had it 3 weeks and have 400 miles on it.

mods so far:

3k yellow low beam 5k oem white high beam(HID)
led in all dash lights
double bubble smoked windscreen
blacked out signals
diy fender eliminator w/short signals
removed rear foot rests
custom exhaust bracket
painted exhaust shield
132db low tone horn
pro-grip gel grips
black anodized fairing bolts

in the near future (in the mail now):

black caliper paint
black header wrap
seat cowl
integrated led tail light
proton flush mounts

Tire Wheel Fuel tank Automotive lighting Vehicle

Automotive tail & brake light Vehicle registration plate Vehicle Automotive lighting Motor vehicle

Tire Helmet Wheel Motorcycle Automotive tire

Automotive parking light Tire Wheel Automotive lighting Automotive tire

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