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Your favourite riding tunes!

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What music do you listen to when you ride? What gets you pumped up for a great day with your bike? Maybe we can all find new songs for our next riding season, or the current one if you're lucky enough to live where its warm.

A few of my favourites are...

Some Chords - Deadmau5 I always start a joy ride with this song. Its the perfect work up to awesome for me. It magically fits perfectly with the curves on my favourite route too.

Animal Rights - Deadmau5

Disorganized fun - Ronald Jenkees

We No Speak Americano - Yolanda be cool, perfect for cruisin'

I Like To Move It - I always think of the dancing lemurs in Madagascar, instant happy.

Crazy Bitch - Buckcherry Don't ask, I just like it lol

Sunday Morning After- Amanda Marshall It makes me feel like a badass chick, which is nice every once in a while.
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FHG, you dig on the Dub step, eh? Its good stuff for riding no doubt. Just put a bunch of Skrilllex on my phone....

On Yolanda, I'm sure you've seen this, but just in case you haven't: http://youtu.be/iANRO3I30nM

My lists has a lot of mixes and mashups which I find through this guy: mixes & mashups | Facebook

One of my favorites being: DJ Lobsterdust's A Whole Lotta Dougie: CSD vs. LZ vs. KP - Whole Lotta Extra Dougie on Vimeo

Also, DJ's from Mars are awesome!

OK, so let the list begin:

16 volt - American Porn Song, To Hell, The Lord Doesn't Want Her, Orange Insect, Somebody to Hate
3OH!3 - My Firs Kiss, Deja Vu, I know How to Say, Tapp, Punk Bitch, Don't Trust me, Choke Chain, I Can't Do it Alone, Starstrukk
Ace of Bace - All That she Wants, Waiting for Magic, My Mind
Aerosmith - Dude (looks like a lady)
Cavo - Champaigne
Dark Materia - The Picard Song :)
Disturbed - The Game, Stupify, Conflict, Shout 2000, Meaning of Life, Ten Thousand Fists, Guarded, Deify, Forgiven, Avarice
The Dope - DMF
Evanescence - Fallen
Fatboy Slim - Praise You, Rockafeller Shank
Finger Eleven - Them vs. Me vs. You
Five Finger Death Punch - stranger than Fiction, Ashes, Salvation, The Bleeding, A Place to Die, etc, etc
Flyleaf - I'm so Sick, Fully Alive, Perfect, Cassie, Sorrow, etc, etc
Garbage - Shut your mouth, Androgeny, 'Til The Day I Die, Silence is Golden, Cherry lips, etc, etc.
Halestorm - I get Off
Heart - If Looks Could Kill, Barracuda
Prodigy - Invaders must die
INXS - The Gift
Le Disko - Shiny Toy Guns
Jetsetter - Morningwood
Julian smith - Techno Jeep Song
Korn - It's On, Freak on a leash, Falling away from me, Twisted Transistor, Hypocrites
Lady Gaga - a bunch!
Limp Bizkit - Break Stuff, Take a Look Around, My Generation, Rollin'
Linkin Park - a bunch!
LMFAO - Sorry for Party Rocking, Party Rock Anthem, Sexy and I know it, Put that ass to work
Lords of Acid - a ton!

and a ton more! I'm wondering maybe if a question towards genre wouldn't be more appropriate, then I could focus a bit more.. :p I love music!
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Or you coulda just listed your favourite ones... :p But please feel free to discuss genre if you like. I'm just lookin for specific songs because there is just SOO much out there and its impossible to dig through it all, gives me a starting point at least! Good stuff on that list though.

I also enjoy movie sound tracks (LOTR, Pirates or Braveheart are wonderful) and video game music... I like to pretend I'm someone else... or a superhero when I ride sometimes.
I don't usually ride and listen to music as I usually only ride to work and back through city traffic and my exhaust is so loud I 'm practically deaf by the time I get off my bike bc the music is so loud on top of my exhaust lol

I listen to Linkin Park(the old stuff), country and so far that's about it...I need to make myself a riding play list.
Wow, so much great music. It's rare that I listen to music while riding the Ninja, but when I was a truck driver and when I mountain bike it's:

AD/DC, Guns and Roses, Smashing Pumpkins, Bowling for Soup, Aerosmith, Cage the Elephant, Pearl Jam, U2, Nirvana, Pat Benatar, Live, Kid Rock, Blind Melon, Blink 182, Sir Max-a-Lot, Bon Jovi, Green Day, Jane's Addiction, Weezer, Collective Soul, Michael Jackson, Bryan Adams, Britney Spepars, Rage Against the Machine, Bush, The Clarks, Nine Inch Nails, Offspring, Steve Earie, Billy Idol, Radiohead, Metallica, Dire Straits, Foo Fighters, Better Than Ezra, Theory of a Deadman, most '80s and yes, some classical (Flight of the Bumblebee, Ride of the Valkyries, 1812 Overture, Holst's Mars, In the Hall of the Mountain King, etc).Writing, uhm, typing all that makes me want to go home and turn up the stereo!
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Fry, you and I get along really well musically... except for the Brittney Spears lol. I've played all the "classical" you've listed at some point or another over the years too... even fired the guns in the 1812 overture.

**Nerdy music fact of the day: Tchaikovsky thought, upon completion, that the 1812 Overture was a loud, noisy, bombastic and gaudy piece of music. He even quoted as saying he wrote it without passion and devoid of love. He wasn't proud of it at all! Its premier performance used a cannon connected to an electric switch to ensure precision timing as it is written in the score, he cheated! Funny, we do it the old fashion way... count and fire and hope it happens at the right time!
I wanna see that!
I never thought it was good idea to listen to music when riding. I have earplugs in at the track...dead silence makes it much easier to concentrate. Getting rid of the wind noise also makes it easier to go faster. I was amazed at how much faster I could go with earplugs. I'm sure it's a psychological thing. Wearing earphones in both ears is against the law here be it on a bike or in a car. I have no issue driving with music but don't keep it so loud I couldn't hear a siren. I usually only listen to music from my Ipod when on a long trip otherwise it's just the radio. I listen to a wide variety though...rock, metal, rap, etc...just no country or jazz.
I never thought it was good idea to listen to music when riding.
X2! Call me boring, an old fart, whatever.... Or maybe it just interferes with the voices in my head. ;)
I never thought it was good idea to listen to music when riding. (SNIP)
+3 (I guess...)

I've never listened to music while riding, and don't think (for me at least) it's a good idea.

We've had discussions about this on another forum, and one newer rider did admit to crashing because he was rockin' out and felt invincible (at the time).

For me, I enjoy listening closely to all the lyrics and do get emotionally involved, so I think it's a better thing to do when I don't need to be completely alert.

Good points and to each his own. I never ride with it loud enough to block out whats happening around me, and I never ride with music in the city, only on my back road joy rides. I understand your point of view but I find it keeps me focused. The sound of just your engine when there's no other vehicles around and the scenery staying the same sometimes kinda rocks you to sleep, music keeps my brain engaged.
The... scenery staying the same sometimes kinda rocks you to sleep...
I bet the dreary wilderness and unspoiled landscapes are hard to take. :rolleyes:
I listen to music while riding. Like FHG, it's mostly on the back roads or routes I am comfortable on. Sometimes I just keep one bud in so I can hear traffic too.

A few tunes are:
Alice in Chains - Bleed the freak
Tool - Parabola
Divine Heresy - False Gospel
A Perfect Circle - Thinking of you
Threat Signal - A New Beginning

I tend to listen to angry music so this is usually on my ipod:

Animals as Leaders - (insane guitar player -Tosin Abasi-for anyone else who plays)
Alice in Chains
Five Finger Death Punch
Anything by City and Colour
Silent Civilian
Fear Factory
System of a Down
Threat Signal
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I've had tunes in for a few rides, but I feel disconnected from the ride if I can't hear the engine.

For longer rides I do like wearing ear plugs. I still hear the engine and traffic, but I don't get ringing ears when I'm done and I still feel connected to the bike.
I've had tunes in for a few rides, but I feel disconnected from the ride if I can't hear the engine.

For longer rides I do like wearing ear plugs. I still hear the engine and traffic, but I don't get ringing ears when I'm done and I still feel connected to the bike.
I listened to AreaP for a while, then Jardine... now I just listen to big thumper.


Its amazing what can actually make for a good band name, eh? I'd buy a CD from a group called big thumper.
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