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An absolute worthless mod on a Ninja 250.

Originally Posted by kbryant (Owner, CEO of Area P Exhaust)

"There is no measurable difference in power by wrapping the headpipe assembly. Only on the highest horsepower applications can you see a slight difference from an internal and external coating treatment (ie: HPC, Embee, etc.). Otherwise the primary reason it's done, is for external cooling of surrounding components and/or area. We do not recommend wrapping the exhaust. It will void the warranty. The "wrap" does not allow it to cool and dry naturally. As you retain heat and moisture within thin gauge stainless steel, it will become brittle over time and potentially fail."
Also, please note that we highly recommend that you do not use heat wrap tape on the system. These wraps retain both heat and moisture that will shorten the lifespan of the system by not allowing it to cool down and externally dry out properly. Stainless steel may become brittle over time with header wrap."
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