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In the words of Ice Cube...Today was(IS) a GOOD day!!!!

I just found out that I picked up E5!!! Its about 100 more a month, but come March when I hit my 3 yr mark, it will be another 200 on top of the 100 a month!!! so a $300 jump in pay is coming soon!!! WOOHOO!!!
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Congrats! Now how best to spend it...

Thanks for serving.

thank you!

Seeing as I just bought my wife a new vehicle...it's probab;y going to go towards her payment... :'( or the bike payment or something I don't really know lol
Woot! Indeed, thanks for the serving, and a raise is always nice! Oh, BTW, you like your new signature?
Congrats Navy Ninja!
lol!!!!! Very nice Spooph!!!

Thanks again everyone!!!
lol!!!!! Very nice Spooph!!!

Thanks again everyone!!!
Grats Navy! Keep safe.
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