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I spent Friday night at the World of Motorcycles Expo (WOMEX). The London show is a fairly small venue compared to other shows like Toronto, but there's no road trip involved and it's a nice distraction in the middle of Winter.

Also, the local dealers put their big sales on during Bike Show Weekend, and I need tires. So I got a set of Michelin Pilot Road 3's. MC tires are crazy expensive in Canada, so I was glad to get a 30% discount by waiting for the sale.

Here are some show pics:

Some old...

Some new...

This is the new ZERO, fully electric bike...

My youngest son rode a motorcycle on his own for the first time!

Not sure why, but this crazy Norton seemed to speak to me...

So did this bobber:

These were interesting:

The end. Literally. I hope there's a business like this operating to give me my last motorcycle ride, when the time comes that is...

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