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Visors that change shading as sun gets brighter...



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Those are pretty fucking cool, Somebody buys one of these throw up a review!
those are pretty nice but for $300 i will just keep wearing my oakleys.
wow too much! my helmet has a built in visor that slides down! does n e one else have this type?
300 for a shield...gayness! rather buy a exhaust! or some levers! new tire! new jacket! new helmet! so much more! i think its kind of girls a shield that changes colors? my opinion, id stick with a reflective gold one : )
what happens if you are riding in a sunny day and enter a tunnel?
fastest one takes 20 seconds from clear to tint...vice versa?
and when you are going 120kph...you can't really see without your shield either!!
Ya I wish oakley would make motorcycle shields. I got 3 pairs of oak's and will never go back. Well yepp you can basically almost look right beside the sun and there is no glare. SO sweet. I do have a pair of split thumps and orginally I got them to wear under my hemlet but dont wanna break a $250 pair of glasses by trying to put them in my helmet.
dude weth im with you on oakleys. i lost my set of oildrums in the bay.. theres $200 sitting at the bottom of the bay. i picked up some arnettes but theyre nothing compared to oaks polarized lenses. that lens that changes tint is pretty sick i guess if u dont have anything else to spend that money on...
Ya I think its funny I make fun of girls for these $800 purses and I have like $700 in sunglasses. Ya everybody tells me like "ohh if I got a pair the expensive then I would just lose them or scratch them." I just say bullshit if you have a $150 pair of sun glasses you make sure those mofo's dont get scratched.
I guess if money is no object then I wouldn't mind having a shield like that.
Personally, I ride with a clear shield, and on bright mornings I use Angler polarized fly fisherman sunglasses underneath. Their only a little amber, not too dark. Went through a tunnel and didn't hit any walls or anything. Ha, works for me.
Yeah, I use my Gold shield 24/7 pretty much, but I have a set of safety glasses under the cowl if I get caught out bush late night. If I'm going on a night 'fun' ride, i'll whack the clear visor on before I go, and if I get caught out when the sun comes up, I've got a pair of sunnies under the cowl to :p

Got to admit, good innovation tho, I guess if I had one, that would be one less visor and two less pairs of glasses.


lol pink
i have yet to find glasses that are comfortable to wear in my helmet..
Ugly fish sunnies...


Really cool stuff, but why don't they sell it as a film for like $30 bucks a roll or something you can install yourself on like 2.5 helmets... 2.5 helmets - makes business sense for them, that way you have to order more if you have more helmets....
Not to burst all you Oakley lenses fans but if any of you tried Maui Jim lenses for a day (even a cloudy day) you would not go back to Oakley. They originated from hawaii and are designed to cut down glare AND enhance colour. If anyone gets the chance try them out.
Wow some of them are cool but holy friggin crap..... I didnt see one for under 200. Well ones that I liked
those are really nice.. ive been wanting transition glass visors.
but it is expensive.
oh well, guess i'll stick with my silver visor - day and night. lol

i find i ride my best when people cant see my eyes.
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