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Oh man I love that color. That bike is what made me decide to paint my bike this winter. It is a color that Nissan uses for there frontier truck. It cost the guy 850 bucks total to paint it. He had to replace the wheel bearing and seals to powder coat his wheels gold. Other than that, if you got 850 bucks, you can do it too. I know I am.

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Stockwall you are probably gonna hate me now.... but it is not a stick.. i gotta look at maps, drink coffee, look out for bikes. etc... drive crazy clients around.

On topic.. white ninja. On the other Kawi forum Roland ( white bike owner who crashed bad.)
finally is well enough and did a major response to his posts of well wishers.

He is in for a long haul to walk again but is optimistic, young and strong. i hope he proves the freakin docs wrong.
i wish him well..


1 - 20 of 46 Posts
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