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Im not looking to spend a whole lot of money on a helmet and I found some.
Im trying to get one that matches my 2008 Ninja 250r (Candy Plasma Blue).
If anyone has/had 1 of these helmets please let me know how they are/were.
They both are approved by DOT and SNELL.



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xNinja, I'm going to be getting this one pretty soon, but I ride dirt too: http://www.afxhelmets.com/helmets/fullface/fx-37ds.php

When it really comes down to it, go into a dealership, or a few, and tell them you're looking for the PERFECT helmet. DO NOT LET THEM SELL YOU ANYTHING. Try on a bunch of helmets, and no matter how hard they push to sell you something, do not relinquish. Keep trying on helmets until you find one you're happy with, and NEVER, ever buy a helmet off the internet if you haven't test fit in the real world first...

Oh, and when you're trying them on, keep them on for like 10 minutes at a time. Walk around the store, try on gloves, etc. That's what I do at my local shop. They'll get in a new helmet, I'll throw it on, and talk to them about the parts I need to order for one of my bikes, and if I still have the helmet on (ie, I've forgotten I'm wearing it), by the time I'm ready to pay for the part, I know I can buy it... I've almost walked out the door with a "test-fit" helmet on my head a few times, those are the helmets I usually end up buying...

It's the most important piece of protective gear you can spend money on, and if a shop won't give you the time to make sure this is what you're protecting your life with, they're probably not a good shop to go to...

If anybody's interested, my home shop is:
People to talk to:
Parts - Mark Woodward
Motorcycle sale - Neil Kastenschmidt
Mechanic - Marv, Toby or Andy

Make sure you tell Mark and Neil that Matt with the 250 sent ya...

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(I know the OP already bought one, but this can be good general info for anyone else)

You can't go wrong with HJC brand helmets. Very good value, solid build quality; overall nice helmets.

I have an HJC CL-SP with the yellow barb-wire/flame design with matte finish, and my gf has the same model, except with a glossy silver finish. Not too heavy, nice fit, comfortable, nice visor. They each cost under $150. Web Bike World has a good review of the helmet (http://www.webbikeworld.com/r2/motorcycle-helmet/hjc/cl-sp/). And Google can help you find a site to order, though I would buy in person to get a good fit.

I highly recommend HJC.


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This is the one I got, great fit, and good sound insulation - spent about $450 australian, maybe a bit much for 1st helmet, but it looks cool!!!
It's dot approved i think - not sure what the go is over there - excellent impact absorbtion, can't be too careful


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