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was looking around on the net, you know what else am I going to do on a Friday night... just kidin at work and a little board thats all.


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Felix said:
Rim stripes
No indicators or mirrors
Smoothed nose cone

What else is different about it?

sorry to be pedantic but!

other bits from what i can see apart from bits thats already been listed:

new calipers (on the front anyway)
brake lines
master cylinder is in diff location, dunno if its diff tho
complete race fairing
new sprockets and chain (probably renthal ones going from design on them)
decals (obviously lol)
rear sets
obviously no mirrors or indicators lol
different swingarm!
carbon fibre front mudguard
also rear end is a lot more aggressive, so maybe even a new subframe?
also carbon fibre cockpit parts to, but what else im not too sure from this list, anything to add anyone?

all in all a few grands worth of extras but DAMN it looks hot!

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Any vids on this monster?
And couldnt you have all those goodies just add turn signals and headlights (upgrading to the wiring harness) and this could be street legal?
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