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when i disconnect the left spark plug the idle problem stops! what does this mea

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?????, the idle problem(stays at 3k) goes away when i disconnect the spark plug left. what does it mean?
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means its time for a upgrade! hahaha jk maybe new spark plugs?
It probably has to do with the fact that you're no longer firing on that cylinder... which means only one cylinder is firing, and the other is just dead-weight, which means left cylinder is counteracting right cylinder, which means it's spins slower.... It should sound a lot different when you do that. It should sound sick, like it's got a cough...
could that also because the bike was not broken in properly?
doubtful... Timing shouldn't do this, a messed cylinder/piston shouldn't do this... It has to be fuel/carb... IE - too much fuel getting through the carb... I still think it's the idle knob... but a video would be good.
Just get it serviced man, go get it checked up :p
and what happens when you disconnect the right plug? the same thing??
actually it will crank but wont start with the right plug out.
I would be taking it to the dealer and taking advantage of that 1 year unlimited warranty.
so now

is the left plug firing?
is the left cylinder getting fuel?
and does the left cylinder have compression?

Pull the left plug from the motor..put it very close to the motor to see if it arcs with the motor.

Is the plug wet?

also while the plug is out try putting your finger over the plug hole and see if you can keep it on the hole while turning over the motor. If you cant compression is good.
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...maybe a stuck "choke" mechanism (fuel enrichener to appease RedRider). The lever may slide back and forth but does the linkage move spooph is right about why it goes away w/ one plug removed (dead mass, only one power stroke, less enertia, etc.) It definitely sounds like a carb issue/ air-fuel ratio issue.
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