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Whats new for 08

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So whats different for the newly redesigned 2008 Kawasaki Ninja 250R?

Besides the obvious sporty styling changes there are several other changes Kawasaki made. The price is updated (of course..) from and MSRP in 07 of $2999.99 to $3499.99 in 08, but it is well worth it.

A few things were done to the engine, as Kawasaki wanted to increase low-mid range torque. The cylinder head is where all of the changes are made. Reshaped intake and exhaust ports, thinner valve heads, and a new camshaft profile with more lift and duration gives the engine better airflow. The carburetors are also jetted differently to compensate for these changes. The engine gets cooled better with a new radiator, and the transmission is a bit stronger with new shaft splines.

Kawasaki finally moved up to 17" wheels, making the bike feel much bigger and sportier. A 2-into-1 exhaust system replaces the older dual pipes, and the "diamond-type" steel frame is designed to be more rigid. Also a bit sportier, the front rake is pulled in 1 degree, making turn-in better.

And finally...It gets a fuel gauge.

Kawi offers the bike in Passion Red, Candy Plasma Blue, Lime Green, and Ebony (Black).
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The rake of the forks is also different. "The 26-degree rake angle is 1 degree steeper than the old 250, so the quarter-liter Ninja turns quickly and with seemingly little effort, making it loads of fun through tight twisty canyons." -motorcycle.com
well thats at the rear wheels and cycle world got 27. the new ninja 250r makes 36 hp at the crank and the old ninja made 38 hp at the crank. the new ninja makes up for the less top end power with the revised carbs to emphasize low and mid power. according to a review from cycle world's june 2008 review of the 250r the torque between 4k and 6k rpm is increased by as much as 50% and the new 250r out-torques the old 250r all the way up to 10.5k rpm
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