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What you think??

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Today I titnted my windshield and I had to take my mirrors off to get it off for some reason. Well I saw how fawking tight my bike looks without mirrors. And I thought about leaving them off and if I get pulled over be like I had no clue deal. But with 2 speeding tickets in my car I didnt think that would go over good. So I was just messing around of ebay and found these. What you guys think?? I think they look sweet with the low profile look. But for some reason im no all the way into them. Let me know what you all think.

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Well I think they look cool, but are your shoulders going to get in the way? Your safety comes first.
I'm not a fan of their shape. I've been riding no mirrors or signals for going on three weeks now......no tickets yet *crosses fingers*
haha, tomorrow we'll see your post about it LOL. How's the bike rolling bro?
lol well I got my quote for the 12,000mi tune up... 879.00 ....................... And I found out that Duc's come with a red key and a key card to recreate spares off of, I do not have either. If my key stops working(which people say they often do) it will be about 3grand for a new ecu, ignition, and gauges. yeeeeah, lesson learned!
Ya from the front they look really small but from looking in them they look kinda big. Plus they are $100 I mean like $50 I would definally get them. But I just got my HID bulbs in and they look sweet. I started it up twice and looked at on and it was yellow and I was like WTF!! I pulled the bulb out and it was all milky and I was like MOTHER F*CKER!!! I must have touched it and got grease on it and it was about to blow up. I know they blow up because it happened in my car. LOL Well id advise getting them. They are so bright and they are sweet.
Those mirrors look like when a doberman gets it's ears clipped, haha, but they are cool.

The biggest thing I feel is safety, you want/need to see and be seen by everything/everyone.
I like them mirrors. But 100 bucks a pair . Hmm. They better do more than be a view
I'm not sure how much visibilty you will actually get out of them. It appears that they are more for looks or just to be street legal over actually functioning as mirrors. It's all upto you though.

BTW I usually just put on some latex gloves whenever replacing headlight bulbs so as not to get any oils from your hands on the bulbs.
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