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What that dripping out under the bike??

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I have noticed some liquid dripping from the center of the bike just past the oil filter. I have noticed it a few times now, but today was the first time I got down and checked. Its coming out of a hose with an open end, so I'm assuming this is completely normal. Just wondering what it was??? Thanks.
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Is it oil or water? In either case if a few drops is coming out of a hose it is normal. If you look underneath the stock pipe you'll see a small hole at the bottom, this is for condensation or water that may be in the pipe to drain. You may or may not see it hit the ground though.
Dont think its oil, there is a long thin rubber hose that its coming from. The hose is positioned down and therefore seems like its a drain for something. Im sure its normal, im more curious as to what it is and where it comes from. Just trying to understand the mechanics a little more.
There should be at least two black hoses together underneath. One maybe shorter than the other. One goes to the airbox ( to let oil vapors drain), the other goes to the radiator.
isnt there a hose that lets out excess petrol from the tank?
There is, but I don't believe it is tied to another hose.
It might coolant overflow - you're best bet is to trace the hose and tell us where it connects, picture possibly?
Heres some pics of that hose, hope you can tell me now cause Im starting to get worried you dont what it is ???


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If you look on the left side of your bike near your shock, you will be able to see the hoses more clearly. on my bike the hose coming from the airbox is clear. It is short and does not extend as far down as the others. two other hose are together. One goes to the radiator the other goes underneath to the fuel take close to the steering head on the frame. If this is in fact the hose that is dripping, it maybe gas. Are you filling the tank up (overfilling) past the bottom of the filler neck? If so, pressure will and or having a full tank on a decline will force fuel through this hose. The other culprit like I said is the airbox. You can pull slightly on these hoses to see where they go. Is it still leaking? If you have a small puddle, you need to take it back to the dealer who assembled it.


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I thank you for a great reply, but WOW Im way more confused. I thought this would be such a simple question. I also thought the pics i displayed would clearly show the area its coming from. I have never even had a full tank of gas yet, so I doubt that is the problem. Anyone reconize this hose. ???? ???
Push up on that hose from left side of the bike you will see it move and it should connect to rhe tank. See if you can smell the fluid that comes out of it.
It could be as simple as.. If u open the cap of the tank. U will see gaps around the cap.. Meaning that if u wash the bike or when it rains water goes in and drains out that hose..
no dont think so...its been happening since the day it was delivered, bright and sunny and happens almost everyday since. I cant believe this hose is so hard to identify :-*, anyway i dont even care anymore ,lol. I know its some sort of normal drain off, and I was only trying to find out what it is draining.. Ill ask my dealer on its first service and be sure to tell you all.
Haha.. I seen that holes but did not bother about it. maybe its getting wet dreams ;)
yeah about how sick its going to look when its done. ;D
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