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you want your presures to depend on how you ride/if theres a pillion.

like XROWDAC said, if you do a LOT of curves you want to drop your pressures slightly for a greater contact patch for grip.

if you commute a lot in straight line. then you want higher tire pressures.

Example: my road bike runs 44 psi rear and 38 psi front. ( a fair bit of straight line riding)

track bike runs 30psi and 30psi.

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On the track I dropped about 10% front and back...

Sticker/manual should be taken into consideration, but in general you need to go by tyre rating and feel. I bike bought in 1980 with 2011 tyres is not going to want to rely on sticker/manual.

Road conditions and rider style play a factor as well. I was running 12/15 psi front and back the other weekend :p


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