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what do you think?

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This is my 2000 ninja 250. Mods. include: tapeworks graphics, rear fender/plate holder modification. rear footpegs removed with custom pipe mounting bracket, low profile front turn signal, new risers and bars, cobra pipes, new pirelli's (not shown in this photo) etc. etc. only 6000 origional miles!


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I love it. Seems like u got a good deal with the mileage so low.
Actually, I bought it way back with 100 miles on it. I did the mods myself, just don't have a lot of time to ride.
u have to make the time 2 ride.....:thumb:

Sexy flames, im just not a fan of that year but dam

Jus too boxy for me i prefer the 2013 look, or similar
I just want one that runs.......:thumb:
Don't much matter what it is......:dance:
2 wheels........n a engine.....:whistling:

True, but in my opinion, if im spending money, it better be in my best interest
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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