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what do you guys think?

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i found these turn signals and thought it would look really cool on the rear rearing below the brake light, and in front of the license plate.

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It's hard to picture it below the tail light. In cali (komifornia) that would be illegal, must be spaced at least 9". The ones you have on looks cool.
Id be interested to see how it looks installed.
I wouldn't waste my time/money. No doubt it'll look cool and unique... but i'm betting it'll be impossible to tell left from right signal and they'll just end up looking like backing lights on a car. Interesting Idea for a mod though.
Thats true, they are super close together. try it anyways.
Yea It's not a big deal if you use hand signals too... then it'll just be another cool pointless mod haha
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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