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What are you going to be for Halloween?

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With Halloween quickly approaching the question at hand is.... wait for it... What are you dressing up as for Halloween?

Here's a couple for me:
Me dressed as a zombie right before the Zombie Walk in Morgantown:

Me goofing off after a pumpkin carving party last weekend:
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I was gonna go as Woody Harrelson's character in Zombie Land - but I'll be attended a small private party, and think the focus is on alcohol and not on dressing up.. We'll see if my guess is accurate.
Sounds fun, but why not both!
We're dressing our kids, and as many neighbours kids as we can, as Smurfs. So, I may be smurfin' it up myself this year.
Smurfs! That will be neat to see. You have to post a pic.
:thumb:Hi, I'm BlackBoar. I ALWAYS post a pic.:thumb:
Now that's fun!
A Professional Retail Cashier......

Was hoping to be a bad ass bike rider. lol Stupid Work!
A Realtor!!!...
stupid work seconded...
These are this year's pumpkins:
Awesome pumpkins BlackBoar!

Was hoping to be a bad ass bike rider.
Sorry to hear you have to work Delta, but Halloween is for dressing as something you're not, not something you are! ;)

A Realtor!!!...
stupid work seconded...
Dress up and say it's a themed open-house and those that are in costume get a .5% reduction in closing costs!?!? :dance:

I'm at work too :(
I'll be playing lumber jack...
The wife and I will be hiding from the Trick or Treaters by hopefully being out to dinner or something...
Tra la la la la la... once upon a time in a Smurf Village, lived some Smurfs. Each one was just three apples high.

This Smurf Village was in Canada, so it was rainy and cold this Halloween and we nearly smurfed or little tails off in the cold.

Then along came Gargamel, and scared the smurf out of us!!!

And in the end we all had fun and lived happily ever after. Happy Haloween.

(Now, lets go throw eggs at that grumpy old Sailor's house!:thumb:)
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Hahaha!!! Awesome effort Boar!! Great to see you involved with the kids so much!
Well, I feel like I spend my life in costume so this Halloween I'm going as...dun dun dun... MYSELF! Here's some pics of my everyday "costumes". The first two are some of my everyday outfits, the third is from my days as a fort fright scare actor. (If you're wondering I'm a Fort Henry Guard, hence my user name!) Happy Halloween everyone!


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great stuff you guys!
Boar: Nice work w/ the Smurfs and thanx for sharing.

FHG2088: If I were in your shoes I'd do the same too. Nice costumes btw.

As for me, I did something similar to Navy. My dogs freak out during Trick or Treat so I gather them up, get some burgers and go to the Law-center-hill over looking the town and have a picnic.

Boar, fantastic! I'm thinking I have to be a smurf next year....

FHG - great uniform and zombie outfit!

Unfortunately I have nothing to share...
Glad to knnow I'm not the only one who was being a "grumpy old Sailor" lol
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