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Stiffen front and rear suspension. Lower rear end 1.5 in. 14t in the front 45-48 rear sprocket. Extend the swing arm 6 inches. Up your chain from a 520 to a 525. Keep an eye on the front left bottom side of your swing arm and make sure the chain does not rub on it. Adjust the built in rev limiter. Stock pipe is preferred if you are new to racing. The servo will give you back pressure and that will help your bottom end power thus helping your launch times. No clutch work is needed until you change gears further or if you extend your swing arm out even more. Front 30psi rear 22 psi.

The key to entry level racing is not how fast you go but how consistent you run. If you can run the quarter in 30secs dead on every time you will win all day long. Speed is a by product. Only make changes that are needed to help eliminate any variables. In other words worry more about what you do. When you shift, how you shift, tire pressure, barometric pressure wind drag and so on. Good luck stay low, start with your left foot down. Hold rear break lightly at the line not the front brake. Count in your head for the tree lights. 1-2-3-4- dump clutch. It's all about timing.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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