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Hi all,

couldn't find a topic on warranty issues so i started a new one.

I've had my ninja for almost a year now, got more than 16,000 Km on tarmac (and about 20km of gravel roads). Bike is going very well still. I have had two problems though that were covered under warranty.

first of all i wore out the cush drive rubber in the rear hub after only 10,000km, was replaced under warranty because dealer thought it was unusual for it to wear out so fast. He also told me at the time that I had the most kays on the bike than anyone else in australia that kawasaki new about.

Secondly, the rear vision mirror shaft had not been painted properly and the paint flaked off it at 15,000. replacement mirror shaft is coming soon under warranty.

Anyone else had these issues or other issues?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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