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Warm gloves.

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So I decide to ride to work the other day. I check on the Internet to see what the temperature is and it says 1 degree Celsius. Apparently it's the coldest morning in three years. I hadn't ridden the bike in a while and I was itching to hop on so against my better judgement I rode in.

I only live about 15km from work but during that short trip my fingers got cold. Very cold. They hurt quite a bit. In fact, they hurt a little for the rest of the day, long after they had warmed up again.

I wore a set of inners underneath my winter gloves but apparently that wasn't enough. I must have bad circulation in my hands or something.

So I guess this is a question for all of you who ride in cold climates: how the hell do you keep your hands warm? What gloves would you recommend? I don't mind shelling out for an expensive pair of gloves as long as they do the job.
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I've tried some warm gloves only to find them too bulky. I've also tried handguards to block the wind, but they did not make enough difference. I'm shopping for heated grips now. It can get really cold by October, but there is usually no snow and ice until nearly December. Heated grips will add at least 6 to 8 weeks to my riding season, and considering I pay insurance all year even while the bike is stored for Winter, that's a big deal.

Any good riding gloves that MAY be warm enough are going to run close to $100, and I think I can find grip heaters for about that.

My 2c from the Great White North.
Awesome, Ghost... Did you find those on the Snuggie catalog? :rolleyes:
Blackboar - I was looking at a set of Acerbis hand guards like these:

I think it's the wind chill that gets me (no fairings + wide bars) so these might help.

Heated grips are also an option and they don't look as ugly.

Blue Ghost - I've never seen those before but they look very warm.
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Ghost, what's the word on those?

Aysee, I can definitely recommend heated grips! Aerostitch carries some which velcro OVER the regular grip - so you can remove them on warmer days, or for the summer, plus the heating element isn't underneath the grip and giving you direct heat! In the colder months I use my heated grips, and my Tour master Winter Elites: Tour Master :: Gloves :: Winter Elite Glove, and some ATV cold-weather handlebar covers in black: Ducks Unlimited Hand Warmers - ATV - Motorcycle Superstore. I've ridden down t -15F with that setup and my hands were just slightly cold. My biggest problem at that temp was my shield fogging up...
Aysee, I picked up some great Dri-Rider gloves from Peter Stevens superstore when I was in Melbourne the other week. From memory they were about $89, but they work a treat! Not sure if you can see it in the photo but they also have a wiperblade stitched into the left index finger for clearing your visor in wet weather. They have a Thinsulate liner in them and they are very warm.


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Might I suggest a set of these...
keep the hands warm on the motorcycle while you ride in cold weather | harley motorcycle handlebar hand warmers

Easy in, easy out, no wires. Blocking the wind is by far the best protection for the fingers. Even a cheap pair of winter gloves becomes better without the wind.
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Thanks for the feedback guys. A better pair of winter gloves might be in order (maybe mine are just crap) so I'll look for those Tour Master Winter Elites and also the Dri-Riders. Blue Ghost, I think you're right, blocking the wind might be what I need, it's the finger tips that go cold because that's where the wind hits.
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