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Having already a natural desire to explore and adventure around the world, I was very interested to hear that Helge Pedersen, a well spoken and well travelled gentleman, was coming to town. Helge is the founder of GlobeRiders and published 10 Years on 2 Wheels, a chronicle of his decade long 250,000 mile sojourn through 77 countries. I instantly bought a ticket.

On Friday April 24th Helge came to Victoria to give a multimedia presentation on his experiences traveling through 77 countries on a motorcycle. A lot of the people that attended this event were also lucky enough to be a part of BMW’s rider day that only happens once a year.

My desire to see the world on a motorcycle has now been heightened to a whole new level. I did not think that was even possible. Helge shared his motorcycle worldliness with us in a motivational and entertaining manner. The man vibrates joy and enthusiasm when he speaks of all his two wheeling feats and his plans for more.

He focused mostly on his IndoChina trip which he offers to the public as a well planned but non pampered adventure getaway. It was especially entertaining to me as I have visited all the places he went to on this tour.

Overall, it was a highly entertaining 3 hours listening to his narrative with three humongous screens depicting vivid photos of the countryside, crazy roads and fascinating people. From his terrifying elephant encounter in Thailand to his BMW being held ransom while he was dragged around Vietnam and made to visit all the tourist attractions, one cannot help but want to get out there and live fully on two wheels.

And once again, I am left craving to gain even more travel experiences of my own and preferably on a my motorcycle, where I can truly be a part of the world around me.

All of this was presented by Island BMW.

100% of the proceeds from the tickets for Helge’s presentation as well as the money raised from Island BMW’s Rider day went to the Morgan Jane Project. This is a project that is very close to (General Directors) Delia and Durrels’ hearts. Only $15,000 to go!!
Thank you to all that made that day so spectacular. I feel fortunate to have been a part of it.

Victoria, BC


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Nice one! I really want to spend more time on my two wheels, the world is an amazing place, full of beautiful people! I hope to meet a few of these people when I head to the US next year, and then who knows where.



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Rippin, check out the "ride reports" section at www.advrider.comhttp://. That'll get you drooling like a baby in a topless bar... There is one ride report I absolutely love - "3 months on a Husky TE610" - Luke, aka FishFund takes his enduro through central and south America, posts some awesome pictures and videos, and has a great running commentary! Lot's of reading though. I think they're at page 100 or something...

I feel ya, I want to just blast away somewhere, forever! I need to win the lottery!
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