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Took a ride with some friends to the London Vintage Rally and Bike Show. It was at a campground near home and supported by the Canadian Vintage Motorcycle Group.


The weather was not so great and I think that may have kept some people away, but it was a really interesting look at a whole other side of motorcycling. Seeing bikes that are 40 (and more) years out of production, not only running but being ridden alot and all over in most cases was very cool. It's a unique community of riders.

This is a 1912 Harley and, as you see below, it still runs. The same owners also had a 1910 in equally good shape, so this 12 is currently for sale ($50,000!)

There's actually a pic in my "Port Dover" thread that shows this guy riding the same bike at the Friday the 13th rally.

Me... daydreaming...
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