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Watch this video and share it with your four wheeled friends.

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damn this video sucks and ive only been riding for a month now and just cruise and still almost have been killed like 3 times this is bs thts why when the no cell phone rule goes into affect in july 08 it will help a little bit cuz all three times they were woman on cell phones
Yup, I have a 25min ride to work every day. Every day i am almost hit at least 3 times. People not checking there blind spots. Trying to merge into a lane that i'm in or just pulling out in front of you. And it's those people that yell and acream that say bikes are so dangerous. YOU ARE DANGEROUS! It annoys me so much that some people can be so ignorant and careless.
Helps to have a loud pipe. You just have to ride very defensive. I'm been riding for almost 7 years now and never been hit or in an accident.
^knocks on wood for you
Haha CSbrad, I knocked too.

Turblown saw me almost hit the dust one time we went riding. I had to go between on comming traffic to avoid a cager comming into my lane. The only reason I survived is because I saw the potential for something to happen and when it did I stayed calm, and found an out. Your bike doesn't need much room, you just have to put it in the right place.
Well thats good you guys didn't get hurt. Also way cool you have people to ride with. The only guys I have are my dad, father in law, and my granpa, and they're all pokie harley guys. HOWEVER I sent my dad to the shop to check out an 07 Ninja 650 and he was impressed so... whenever I get out there... father/son team haha
Ah jeez :/

When I do get on my bike, End of this month, Im going to be the worst person in my town for road rage i know it.
Depressing....makes me rethink getting a motorcycle.
I know isn't this scary? I read this Monday night and I almost did ride my bike into work the next day even though its the sunniest day we have had in weeks.

You know it makes you a much better CAR driver, when you operate a motorcycle...I have noticed it this past summer.

Being angry at other drivers won't help either, if they don't see you, you need to make yourself seen!

Be careful out there....
yeah i almost got hit sunday on my way back from church i was doing the speed limit and i was right behind a van prob 3 car links in front of me and someone pulls out right in front of me didnt even speed up fast!but it scared the crap out of me!
buster5006 said:
right behind a van prob 3 car links in front of me
Cagers don't see anything but the big stuff. You were in a bad spot and got lucky. File that one away and stay out of that spot next time.
Turblown said:
Helps to have a loud pipe. You just have to ride very defensive. I'm been riding for almost 7 years now and never been hit or in an accident.
+1 on that advice, give yourself lots of space and outs in case something goes down, you never know, someone could just blow a tire. Trust NO ONE :)

Added note, on cars trying to pull out into your lane from a side street, be prepared to brake or slow unless you make some eye contact and you can see that they are looking right at you. But even then be cautious haha
Watch your safety cushion, and keep your thumb on that horn button!
all good advice, and i can b an idiot at times but must say living in nyc none of my three accidents were my fault ( though u might argue one of them, from locking up the brakes when riding over oil ), here 90 percent of drivers and 100 percent of cabies r assholes, i get cut off and pushed out of my lane every week, and the drivers r careless and dont c me, but the cabies r assholes and just dont care until they hit u. I'm more than positive that other nyc riders will agree, so if ur ever here be at the top of ur game and on point
Yea this video will make you think hard. I have become a better driver even since i have WANTED to get a motorcycle and talked to people who ride. I have always checked my blind spot when changing lanes and all that but now i find myself checking twice just to make sure. I live in a fairly large city and even when i drive, i drive REALLY defensive. So when i start riding a bike, my eye will be on everyone and everything around me.
On a side note though, riders need to respect other cars on the road also. Just because your a bike doesnt mean you ALWAYS have the right of way to do what ever you feel like doing.
Its really easy for a car to not see you when you are going 100 mph in a 60 mph zone.
I am going to post this on every forum i am a part of b/c it HAS to be seen.

that video is nuts thats reality but you know what iv noticed people watch them and are like wow im going to be more careful and yeah they are for a short bit and they starts their old habbits again talking on the phone, texting make up blah blah blah sad but true iv seen it, i know some riders are careless too riding fast and going in the center lane when trafic comes up but even then you have to be careful these topics get me so mad! wheres my weed damn it!
I could only watch about 2 mins of it...(wussy i know)..I also say a prayer before I hop on mine.

Hahaha @ R6S
hahahahaha a prayer is a good choice!
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