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Vendor: New Sportisi U.S. Distributor

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Hey everyone, I'm very excited to announce that I'll be distributing Sportisi products in the U.S. :D

The new U.S. web site will be at SPORTISIMOTORSPORT.US. Please be patient as this site is developed. All of the Sportisi products will be made available with an initial emphasis on parts and accessories for the Ninja 250 and CBR250R.

I am planning the first several orders and would like to solicit your input... please send me a PM or post here which items you're interested in purchasing. I can't bring everything over at once, but I'll do my best to get what you want quickly :thumb:
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I hope you're better than the other guy is...I got my stuff, but it took him forever to respond to emails.

X Race Rear Sets
Slingshot Adjustable Levers
Double Bubble

I think that's about it right now...
Thanks, I'll do my best to respond quickly.
The web site is up at sportisimotorsport.us! Preload adjusters and adjustable folding levers are in stock. More stuff on its way including huggers, rearsets, the BRT-TIS and new JettingPRO CDI. Exhausts will be in in March.
The site looks good. Thanks for the update via PM.
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