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Useful Links Thread

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Hello all! I had an idea to create a thread that encompasses as many useful links to new riders (like myself) as possible. Ideally, maybe we could all post a different site link to a piece of useful information or gear that we have found in our search of the internet. I will start off by posting some links to a few of my favorite sites that contain quite a selection of riding gear as well as a few links to other bits of information I have found useful in my research.

Riding Gear and Motorcycle Parts
www.sportbiketrackgear.com (Great prices. They also have quite a few video reviews of products.)
www.helmetharbor.com (Large selection of helmets. Quite a few video reviews as well.)
www.motorcycle-superstore.com (Large selection of just about everything.)
www.newenough.com (Good selection of gear.)
www.kneedraggers.com (Good selection of gear.)
www.helmetexpress.com (Decent selection of helmets. Free 2-Day shipping on orders over $100.)
www.webbikeworld.com (Good selection of helmet video reviews.)
www.streetbikerider.com (Good selection of riding gear. Free shipping on orders over $85.)
www.leatherup.com (Good selection of riding gear, especially leather. Go figure.)
www.bikebandit.com (Looking for an aftermarket exhaust? Look here.)
www.knfilters.com (K&N? Who? Nah....nobody who rides knows who K&N is. Air Filters/Oil Filters/etc..)
www.inturace.com (250r Frame sliders.)
www.powersportswraps.com (Don't want to paint your bike? How about a vinyl wrap instead? Go here to learn more.)
www.extremebikescustoms.com (Motorcycle performance parts.)
www.cyclecolor.com (OEM matched motorcycle paint and more. Also has How-To's regarding painting your bike.)
www.ebay.com (Lots of good deals on motorcycles/parts/gear/etc.)
www.craigslist.com (Lots of good deals on motorcycles/parts/gear/etc.)
www.smfcycles.com (American dealer for Craft, Urban, and Alien helmets. Multiple safety ratings for Craft and Urban helmets - DOT, ECE 22.05, and ACU Gold certified. These helmets are VERY hard to find in America!)

General Information
www.msf-usa.org (Motorcycle Safety Foundation. Find information for the Basic and Advanced riding courses closest to you!)
www.kawasakiforums.com (Self-explanatory, hehe)
www.2fiddy.com (Site dedicated to the Ninja 250. Quite a few useful bits of information.)
www.bestbeginnermotorcycles.com (Great community. Dedicated to helping new riders learn about this hobby.)
www.sportrider.com (Great amount of articles pertaining to safer riding!)
www.ninja250.org (More 250r information.)
www.sport-touring.net (Want to tour on your 250? These folks can help.)
www.motorcyclecruiser.com (Cruiser bike information/Reviews/Road Tests/Technology etc., plus riding tips.)
www.totalmotorcycle.com/dictionary/motorcycle-dictionary-index.htm (Wtf is a squid? Read here. Motorcycle terminology dictionary.)
www.bestbeginnermotorcycles.com/top-5-reasons-start-250cc-motorcycle (Top 5 reasons to start on a 250cc bike.)
www.bestbeginnermotorcycles.com/8-great-beginner-riding-habits (8 great beginner riding habits.)
www.bestbeginnermotorcycles.com/top-7-things-will-happen-motorcycle-crash-nsfw-pics-video (Top 7 things that happen in a bike crash.)
www.kawiforums.com/showthread.php?t=112925 (How big is the 250r compared to other bikes? Go here to see an 08 250r vs GSXR-600 size comparison. Yes, there are pics.)
www.m13online.com/ (contains maintenance, riding tip videos and more)

2008 Ninja 250r Reviews
www.bestbeginnermotorcycles.com/2008-kawasaki-ninja-250-review-part-1-4 (Part 1)
www.bestbeginnermotorcycles.com/2008-kawasaki-ninja-250-review-part-2-4 (Part 2)
www.bestbeginnermotorcycles.com/2008-kawasaki-ninja-250-review-part-3-4 (Part 3)
www.bestbeginnermotorcycles.com/2008-kawasaki-ninja-250-review-part-4-4 (Part 4)

Financing Information
www.cycletrader.com/research/resources/motorcycle-loans-finance (Different types of ways to pay for your bike.)
www.ezinearticles.com/?Common-Mista...ke-When-Looking-For-a-Motorcycle-Loan&id=5371 (Mistakes when financing.)
www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Credit_score_(United_States) (FICO scores? Credit Reporting? Whaaaa??? Go here to learn more.)
www.myfico.com/ (Go here to buy a look at your FICO scores. I use this site.)
www.freecreditreport.com/ (Get your credit report. You are entitled to 1 free report annually.)

Manufacturer Links (In case you need a quick link to one of the main motorcycle manufacturers)
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CSBrad said:
I thought I put up ninja250.org..
Added! :)
can this be a sticky?
tampaninja said:
Great work ARK, really appreciate it.
Np, TN!

I have just begun! :D
Updated to add a size comparison (with pics) 08' 250r vs GSXR-600 (General Info. section.). More reviews. More motorcycle parts.
Mordeth13 Official Site (contains maintenance, riding tip videos and more)

that guy and mordeth13 and shockawenow helped me hot to conduct and ride my bike they where very helpful and funny at that too!
oh and shockawenow rides a kawi!
hellyeah mordeth13!!!! He just did some vids riding a scooter into the mountains of Taiwan...pretty interesting. Its a youtube only though.
Squid riders link added AND I included a link for an American dealer that sells Craft, Urban, and Alie helmets. VERY difficult to find (SMFcycles)!
Is it safe to assume that the websites that sell gear on the first page are all safe to order from? I was looking at motorcycle-superstore.com and a buddy of mine told me he's ordered from them before and had loved their service.

Before I started looking through some of the other sites I was just curious if they are all safe to order from.

I was into cars (kind of still am) before I got my bike and there were a lot of companies selling parts that were just not good to order from.
I just clicked on this post for the first time, and man, it's got some good stuff.

This has some great advice as well, even though it might be a bit repetitive. It just shows what a real person is conducting herself in a professional way to share some knowledge:


Concerning Dopey's comment, Ark, could you also post on the first post, as your updating this, which stores have been tested (and passed), basically which ones are recommended?
I'm really confused...this thread started off as a giant list of URL's to shop for gear and parts. How was this stickied in the 'Riding Tips and Safety' section? I realize that this is 2.5 years old...but all those links are still functional.
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