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Used bike advice

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So here it goes. I am thinking about buyin a 2008 650R with 1500 miles on it for 3800. The guy whos selling it owes a little less than that for bike on his Kawasaki card. He said we could do a bill of sale stating that i bought it vin number all that good stuff. There are two ways we discussed paying for the bike in order for him to get me the title. 1. Write a check directly to kawasaki and then pay him the differece. 2. Give him a check for that amount have him deposit the check and pay off Kawasaki, then get the title mailed to me. I have spoke with him on the phone and got some info from the guy seems legit, but i dont want to get burned. My question is would a Bill of Sale with his signature, mine and bike info be enough for the state of Virginia? then wait 10 days for the title? HELP PLEASE.
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Get a Bill of Sale and a contract and get in notarized. Or call the non emergency PD number have them come out and be the witness for the bill of sale. as for the whole loan thing have no idea.
D's on the right track. I would start with the cops, or with a "small claims" counselor and ask what you'd need in court to prove that it's yours, and go backwards from that.... Personally I wouldn't be comfortable with either of those options you posted.... Maybe contact Kawi and see if you can get your own Kawi card, and have it transferred over? If you have the money, just pay it all off? But you're keeping it in the same bank, so things might more a little faster... ?

Shoot, I don't know man. BUt let us know how it pans out, and if you're good faith int he fellow is rewarded...
Yea I have Kawasaki card I have my 250R on it but we will see how this turns out.
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