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Updated pics. of the bike.

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Here are a couple of updated pics. of my bike. They look bad because they were taking with the built in camera on my laptop.
Mods so far:
Seat Cowl, Debadged the ninja emblems on the sides, reflector deleted from the front fender, and chopped some of the rear fender off. I also no longer have passenger pegs on the bike. I completely took off the left side bracket and all but just the peg its self from the right side because of the exhaust bracket.

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Looks nice!! you should check out Zartans thread. I believe she is making a bracket so you can pull the rear pegs off completely. So I think its a exhaust hanger thing a magig.
Very nice man, I saw mine today had my name on the front in the shop... LOVE the black!


1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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