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Two Bros exhaust on 650r

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Just but a new slip-on two brothers exhaust on my Ninja 650r. I absolutely love it! This pipe gave the bike a nice deep sound to it. This is my first performance upgrade to my bike and it was definately worth it. Not only does the bike sound great but I already noticed improved throttle response as well as better handling since I no longer have a 20lb muffler hanging under my bike. And yes that is actually what the stock exhausts on my bike weigh! I will post pictures if you all want to see them. It really looks great on my bike. I recommend two bros to any ninja rider!
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Congrats Treysum, I hope you enjoy it, and make sure you post up some pics!!
Just out of curiosity, did you buy the Carbon Fibre model, cause I have heard of a lot of failures on this and no warraty coverage from Two Bros.
No I got the aluminum can. I had heard about some faults as well with the carbon model. I got the aluminum because it is lightweight in comparison to the others and in my opinion it looks better. But they don't offer warranty because it's a "racing" part. But cyclegear has a warranty for all of their products.
Nice Treysum, throw up some pics when you can.
I can't remember exactly. I got it at cycle gear for like 20% off. I think it was 220 after the discount. I just installed it myself. It was a real easy install.
That all depends on what model you get and where you buy it.
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