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Tugging/Lugging feeling at 8-9k rpms

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I have a 07 Ninja 250 and as the title says, at around 8-9k rpms i feel a tugging/lugging sensation, as if not constant power. If i go beyond to 10-11k rpms it runs fine. But if i try to stay at a steady 8-9k rpms i get that feeling. Does anyone know what that is or caused by?
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I'm not sure about the speed but because the bike is a 250 the majority of the power is made at high Rpms as all bikes, just the larger the motor the more power made at lower rpms. The bike if it has had exhaust or other mods may need the carb re-jetted to compensate for the changes if not already done so. However, I would assume it's just the gearing of the bike. It's imperative to lunricate the chain as well especially on smaller engines as the sprung weight and friction are what hinder the bike the most. Hope
This helps
Agreed in part with byte2022, I'd definitely be looking at the needles and jets in the carbs.
I don't really see how the gearing can cause this issue, especially if it is present in every gear.
I definitely forgot to lube my chain when i worked on my bike recently....that might be it. Went for like a month (and a half perhaps) without maintenance. I mostly see it in 6th gear on the freeway because otherwise im usually not doing steady high rpms on the street. Ill have to test it out tonight to be sure.
I assumed you meant in one gear like when you were on the interstate because of the rpm range you were talking of riding in. If it's happening in all gears id say first run some very good cleaner through the bike gas tank. But check your filter. Too
The filter is probably due to be changed but i cleaned it the other day. I rode last night and im not sure if its new or i just ignored it for so long it became normal, but when i take off in 1st gear i get a weird dunking sound/hesitation in the back which im assuming is mt chain. Its probably too loose and/or too dry. Hopefully it doesnt break on me anytime soon. Im going to lube it and adjust it today and see what happens. Also, i came out this morning to it leaking gas from the petcock(It was turned on) which is weird. Never happened before. I ended up pulling the tube slightly lower than the max i could push it on and it stopped. Maybe a pressure thing? Should i be worried about it?

Also, I notice that my reserve coolant tends to get empty over a bit of time. Is that normal? Or is it leaking somewhere? The radiator is full so its just the reserve that goes missing.

Thanks for the help guys.
So the coolant reservoir is going to fluctuate but shouldn't constantly be low to the point where you are adding coolant. If this is the case start looking for leaks. Use baby powder to help if you need. Also check you oil for a milky color. If so your water pump is bad and you need to
Immediately change and get fresh oil in your bike to prevent rusting in your engine on the steel parts. Yes your engine has steel parts in it. The fuel filter may not be your issue but you may be in need of a carb cleaning but start with a good pour in cleaner before you do this. It helps the process tremendously if not fixed it before you get started. Let me know if I can help you more
Oil is fine. Carbs might need to be cleaned but im going to try the pour in cleaner. Get paid on Friday. My chain was actually incredibly loose and i tightened it and lubed it but theres a loose spot and its pretty much a bad chain. Just bought my chain and sprockets today and hopefully they ship here by Friday so i have the weekend to work on it. The tugging feeling is more constant now that the chain is tightened so im assuming its that. The gas leaking stopped. However, i noiced in the middle behind the engine and in front of the airbox is white staining and yellow dot splatter. The white staining on the engine moreso. Not sure about the yellow but the white I think is coolant. I also did see slight coolant near the tube that is near the valve cover on top. Today after riding on the freeway with 10~11.5k rpms on my way home (20-25miles) and a bit on the street, right around the corner from my house when i finally came to a stop there was smoke coming out in front of my bike. No overheating, but it did heat up pretty quickly after that. It continued until i got around the corner. I did see a bit of smoke a light away from work but i thought it was the big truck in front of me. Some of the leakage got on my boot and on my bike but its slippery and not green. Also see white staining on the tube that connects from the radiator to the engine? But besides that its running fine. But dont want to risk the chain breaking on me or the bike exploding haha. So im going to stop riding it until the weekend.
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Sounds to me the chain is def the problem for the lugging. White staining yes usually is coolant or water that sits on the bike after a wash. Sounds like the bike just needs a little tlc. You can change the coolant pretty easy but before you do flush the radiator. And drain it at the water pump to get the most coolant out of the bike and motor. Glad to hear you have an idea of what's going on
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