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Trundle in Tassie

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Managaed a couple of hundred Kms with Zandit tday, was overcast and cool but we had a great cruise around and even had him in the gravel.:eek:


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Nice Shots!!
Mine all turned out like crap thanks to the overcast conditions.
Wicked photos, more shots of the wee-strom :p
Looking good Indie.


Awesome! And Zandit didn't take a dirt nap? Or does he only do those when on the 250? ... :p What a killer place you guys live in!
I hada couple of slight moments, but a couple of times I was up to 85km/h on the good gravel. Still felt like I was on glass, and I hate doing u-turns on this bike!
Great pictures Indie. I really like where you guys live!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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