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Transmission problem

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if i come to a stop without going to first for whatever reason, i have a problem going down in the gears i have to bend down and do it with my hand for it to go down and sometimes that doesn't even work.
sometimes i even have a problem getting into first from neutral, does anyone else have a problem with this?
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hi , I would check your owners manual to see if the clutch lever is adjusted properly
check out this thread might help.
Technical > General Tech. > Couldn't find neutral for some reason?
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Sometimes happens to me but I throttle a little and let the clutch out just enough to get in a gear then down shift to 1st
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Thats right. As posted in the forum mentioned above, sometimes you have to roll the bike forward or backwards a little to get the gears situated correctly. Then you can shift.
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Yeah thats what i would suggest too. If that does not work contact the dealer.
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yep same thing happens on mine, but just need to roll back or forward, or slip the clutch a tiny bit.
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yeah i had the same prob here, just roll it back and forth while shifting down to first and you will be set.

however i have the same prob only on the top end of the shifts. sometimes when im going from 5th to 6th it will get in between gears an itll rev like its in neutral. is this pretty much the same deal?
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that happens sometimes if you dont put your food all the way down after shifting up. because then when you shift up again it finds a false neutral because when it didnt go down properly the first time it didnt pick 6th gear up properly. to fix this i put my toes on the pegs and slide my foot forwards when i want to change.
Did this ever get fixed by the dealer? Or what was the problem?
its just how you shift...

if yours was to my post?
yeah, I was just wondering if this problem got solved or not. I figured it was just the way you were shifting.
yeahyeah it is. it just takes time to make sure your putting your foot all the way down when shifting.

but i havnt had that problem for ages now that i put my toe on the peg until i shift.
I know I already said this once, but I'll say it again because I would REALLY hate to hear about someone getting hurt. If you do hit a false neutral pull in the clutch immediately, put it in gear and slowly let out the clutch. If you slam it into the next gear the shock could cause the rear tire to lock up for a second...and we know thats never good.

Like metbandit says, takes time to make sure you're shifting right. Once you have it down you'll very rarely hit a false neutral.
yeah yeah yeah it can be very dangerous. i went off-road riding with my dad and he hit a false neutral on a 175 and chaged quickly and let the clutch go and put throttleon and it shot the bike out from under him. luckily he let go and the bike just fell over so it didnt land on him and noone got hurt!
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