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Track Time: Honda CBR-250R vs NINJA 250R

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Track Time: Honda CBR-250R vs NINJA 250R

12/21/2012, TwoFiftyMAG
Honda CBR250R – Ready for the Track (Courtesy Motorcyclist)

To add fuel to the fire of everyone’s favorite rivalry here’s an interesting video put together by Motorcyclist magazine asking a simple question: Can the new Honda CBR-250R keep up with the de facto quarter litre track bike, the Kawasaki Ninja 250R? The answer: Sort of.

The Honda has it’s work cut out. In stock configuration it has a more upright seating position, and it’s thumper engine puts out 22 HP to the Ninja’s 30 HP twin.
Perhaps the best part of the video is watching the transformation from a stock CBR-250R to a sick track bike. The CBR was prepped by removing unnecessary parts, adding track fairings and a Leo Vince exhaust, and tweeking the EFI tuning. The modded bike put out a total of 26 horses, still 4 short of the Ninja which came in at 32 HP when track-ready. However, the Honda is a lighter bike making for a comparable power-to-weight ratio. So, can the CBR250R keep up?
The CBR’s excellent handling, breaking and reduced weight made it more competetive in the turns, while it’s reduced power made it a sitting duck on the straights. Nevertheless, with the right modifications and in the right hands it can certainly hold it’s own. Of course, none of them would stand a chance against the old Honda CBR-250RR!

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