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Too short to test ride, so how to choose?

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Hello everyone! I'm a brand-new rider having finished my motorcycle safety class last week. I'm 4'10" with a 27 inch inseam. I'm so excited about getting my first bike, but I don't want the cruiser if I can help it. I love the sport bike. This brings me to my question.

I can't effectively test ride a bike until it is lowered. I've been on a Ninja, an R3, a Grom, and a CBR 250. Is it safe to choose a bike without ever personally feeling how it handles? I would basically be choosing based on looks and how I feel in the seat on the showroom floor.

I would really prefer to have a motorcycle instead of the Honda Grom. But I also want to feel confident and save on my first bike. Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks! :)
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I had the same issue. I am not as short as you but I'm 5'2. When I got my Ninja300 I worked into the deal them lowering the bike. It's now perfect for me. They even replaced the kick stand wig one for lowered bikes. I believe they lowered mine 2 inches but they could have gone 1 more inch.
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