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to punish and enslave

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Before I get to what the title is all about I want to tell you about a little scare I had. I was on my way to "bike night" at Bostons Gourmet Pizza. I turned the corner to go the back way (like most bikes do because of traffic) with a couple of bikes following me. As I turned the corner the pavement goes from ass-fault to concrete back to asfault. I never saw any gravel or dirt or anything but half way throught the turn my back tire lost it. The ass end kicked out so far I probably could have seen it to my left (if I wasnt blinded by fear). Having ridden dirt bikes I simply held the handle bars in the direction I was going... or at least the direction I meant to be going, and kept my speed (rpms) constant. A moment later the rear tire grabbed and I kept going. The guy behind me (on a couch with wheels) took the corner so slow I'm suprised he kept it up.

Anyway, "to punish and enslave" I got these decals off of ebay. I had already taken my "Ninja" stickers off, now I've replaced them with these.

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dude! glad to hear you're okay, I've been hearing alot of that happening with this bike. My question is: are stock tires safe? Or should I go with a nice aftermarket with better tread?.

Also, diggin the sticker, Transformers FTW!!!!
Matrix, I haven't had any problems with the stock tires. I have about a 1/8 - 1/16 of chicken strip left on either side of around-town/commuting. I find the rear wheel is quite light under heavy breaking, and that the stock suspension takes a little to settle down (I'm thinking a few lbs heavier on the front springs and maybe up a notch up in oil), but nothing that can't be enjoyed with smooth inputs.... I won't be playing with these things for a while either, so somebody else will probably have to test it... etc
Ive had my assend kick out on me under throttle as i pulled out of a gas station and was turning right and it slid out and magically corrected itself and scared the pants off me! no really i had to go back for my pants cuz they came off... :D

but yeah i know the feeling dude.
there is a phase that needs to be seen. Nice.
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