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currenlty running bridgestone battle ax BT45. is there a better all season tire available. how about wider tires .
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Are those the stock ones? Those are pretty good.
came with them from the dealership. i have to say they do handle their own. got 9k on them now and changing at 10k. does anybody have any suggestions on wider profile tires.
damn bro 9k? ride much? lol
The Dunlop 208SM 140/70/17 on the rear and a Dunlop Qualifier 110/70/17 on the front. If you like to ride on the sides of your tires, these hold the road 100 times better then the stock tires.
i am currently running the pirelli diablo sport tires in the stock sizes. even being stock sized, the portion that contacts the road is noticeably wider than stock.

i haven't tried any other tires on this bike other than these and the irc's that my bike came with. the diablo sports came highly recommended to me so i figured i would give them a shot. sorry for the cliche, but the difference is night and day.

i was tempted to go wider than stock, but i was talked out of it. i was told by several people that if i went wider, i would be upsetting the 250's greatest asset.... it's handling. in my struggle of performance vs looks, performance won out.
What's the swing arm clearance like? any change in overall speed?
wow.. that look sweet. 9 k huh. what does that tire look like after 9 k pics.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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