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NefRider said:
hmm, good question, all I know is that they are rubber ... I should look at what they are though....
I believe mine are Avon RoadRider (if there's such a thing)

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Pilot road 3 tire...
Ok....I now have about 3500 miles on my rear.
Starting to flat spot....NOOOOooooooooo......:facepalm:
Still has a lot of tred in center tho.
I was hoping it was gunna last a bit longer then what it looks now.
No aggressive riding.
Did a few twisties earlier to get a feel.....
Very grippy tire for that.
I was hoping on more then 10,000 miles, but i don't think so....:whistling:
Air pressures are at recommended.
I mite lower then 2 pounds to get rid of the shock on bad roads.
Try it anyway.....4 a bit n see....:rolleyes:
I did email Michelin to ask about a harder compound tire to fit my bike.
The Rear anyway.....seeing i tour......way more then anything else..

1 - 20 of 31 Posts
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