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Timing your Shifting

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I'm wondering if anybody pays attention to the speed they are at or the RPM they are at when they switch gears. Do you feel like the bike's need to upshift when it reaches a certain RPM?

I'm not sure if what I'm doing is correct, but the bike screams at around 8-9000 RPM and I would shift up. Then I'm cruising at around 6-7000 PM. Is the bike supposed to be this high-revving?

Thanks guys!
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Well it is a too-fitty so it'll have to rev up before you can get speed out of it
"You'll know when you HAVE to shift up when the bike beguins to vibrate your butt a little more than usual" Aust-link instructor. :p Before that, whenever you feel like it.
For the most part, yeah this bike is a high revving bike. I like to run mine around 6-7k. But I know that you can shift up and drop the rpm 500 or so. Its not gonna hurt it. The bike just like to scream. I knoe that Redrider and others have done shimming, exhaust and tune the bike up so that it has more torq. They say that you dont have to rev out the engine so hard to get going. Thats an option.
I like to ride mines around 6-8000 seems to be efficient to me.
1-4 asap using clutchless upshifts cause 5-6 are usual gears i am always in the most. if you wanna take off a little faster get to at least 6k and kick up pretty quick without droppin rpm so much with cluch shifts. but this little motor can handle the hig rpms no prob when wantin to have fun
Thats why I got this Bike. You can get the bike screamin' and zip all over the place without the fear of the back wheel slipping out on you or the front end coming up when you get up in the 8-10k rpms. It is sweet.
If I'm just cruising back roads, I'll sit at 45mph and have it in 6th gear, just cause...but besides that I just listen to the bike and shift when I feel like it's telling me to...
One of the things learned and I read in my book "A twist of the Wrist" by Keith Code

You will practice noticing with visual recognition what speed you are going, and know what gear to be in to accomodate getting the bike in its best power band range of Rpm's.

I use sound to shift too, hear the sound of pissed off bee's get louder as you open up the throttle, even with my music blastin on my helmet speakers lol

Highly recommend the book, its like a bible for riders.
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