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So, as per discussed in BlackBoar's This is Canada thread, I'm starting the "This is Colorado" thread. This morning I awoke at about 0900 to the shrieking sound of my alarm clock. I hit the snooze button, it was a late night last night getting the bike put back together. I hit the snooze a few more times, and roll out of bed at about 1030. Shower, coffee and smoke... I end up hitting the road at about noon-ish, and have a day of roughly 400 miles stretching before me. The goal is to reach a camp-ground with a bunch of dual sport riders, who have become slightly more than acquaintances, in it. But, instead of taking the high-way, I thought I shouldn't disrespect the Ninjette, and took a longer way through some canyons to get there, getting lost once in the process (a new record for me, YAY!). Oh, and most of the pics were shot on the move, cause I tried not to stop too often, being that I was 4 hours late to the start to begin with...

This is a typical Colorado sky. This sky can hold significant amounts of rain, although it doesn't look like it, or it can hold blistering hot weather, although it doesn't look like it. On the other hand, if you're up high enough in the mountains, it could hold snow or sleet. Feh, let's just see what happens....

Cherry parked on the side of the road to show off her curves... Oh, so beautiful! In other news - a flash might turn your red-reflective rim-tape to orange rim tape...

More cool clouds in the CO sky...

Ah, a typical CO mountain road, ready to be carved up.... :D :D :D

More clouds, so many different variations today:

Lunch, notice altitude, I wonder if that's why the fudge tasted so good?

Ah, the Cherry again, on a dirt road. She does like to get dirty occasionally, ya know?!

and another dirt road:

and one of my favorite pics yet...

And then we get to the camp-out... The only 2 road-"only" bikes up the mountain...

+ toy hauler for Delta:


cool tent setup, eh Felix? ;)

This is a full-grown man standing next to this man... He's taller than I am... These headlights are FREAKIN HUGE!

camper van:

dream off-road bike:

A really cool GermAustrian with his KTM supermoto... Seriously cool moto!

communion circle. Method of worship, beer. Topic of choice, moto stories...

The road back out and some mo clouds:

clouds, so many dif shapes... I love clouds:

Ozzy, riding his K75 down the mountain... Seriously cool dude this one!

can't stop posting these, the day was just so freakin beautiful! We had a spackle of ran, and some gusts (not from the good eats), here and there, but just a smackering good day!

Some odd mined rock piles... Looked like overgrown caterpillars to me....

didn't know LEO's (Law Enforcement Officers) had their own liquor store... I guess it gets pretty boring out here in the South... Maybe they get hammered and administer DUI tests to one another? Coming back, I didn't get the camera out fast enough, but there were like 20 cop cars parked at the Bowling Alley across the street and back a ways from this sign... Funny as hell! No, the question is, what if one of them fails the DUI test.... 8)

Shadow, this is what every afternoon/evening should be like:

And then Dinner:

in this place:

The saga continues, next time around, maybe some CO ghost towns, eh?

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Re: This Colorado

Fixed :p Bloody newbs :D

Great pics man, can't wait to carve some of those roads with you! And we are going to that restaurant, is that turkish? Those sausage things look sooooo good! What camera were you using those pics? I reckon the new polarising filter I just bought will capture some good cloud pics for you :D



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Re: This Colorado

Thanks everyone.

Felix, it's termed a Mediterranean/middle eastern restaurant... Uber good food from that region. Not many of these in the States are worth the dough, but this one certainly is! I used my $90 Casio Exilim to take all these pics... Yes, the polarizer will work great for sunsets/sunrises... :D

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Re: This Colorado

I have ridden my bicycle all around Colorado. My wife and I where married on Bike tour Colorado in 2001. It is beautiful country out there.

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With the 250, it is really easy sharrokor, since it's so light and nimble... ON a bigger bike, I think it would be more difficult. More power = more sliding, heavier, and the exacerbated riding position of super sports would make steering inputs with a foot down difficult... It's kind of like riding on marbles. You just learn to grip real well with your legs, and "float" the bars.... If you loose the front, you're toast. Little to no front brake. Lots of rear brake, sliding the bike around, and occasionally putting a foot down and gassing it to fight going down, and pulling a super-moto esque turn.... You just gotta try it man... :D

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spooph, those are awesome pictures.. kinda made me cry inside.. i miss Colorado..

The other day a friend here sent me a picture of landscape and some clouds here, and said it was sno caps.. I said she freaking wishes.

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Right, so, The weekend of June 26th Felix and I went up to Pikes Peak to enjoy the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb race. A race from 8,000 to 14,000 feet, with regular 1,000ft drop offs, and always a chance of rain/snow/abysmal conditions... Adventure indeed!

We start Saturday morning by getting everything rapped up which have not been attended to yet.... We leave 3 hours late, around 1300. We get lost, my directions suck, we got lost again. Never mind, found the roads, and oh boy, was it worth planning this route. Co105 is a beautiful, amazing little road, so much so, I forgot to take any pictures. The majority of the pilgrimage down the the mountain behind us, we get on the interstate.

Needing to test the range of the loser, Felix has an extra gas can on the back, and we both decided it would be a good idea to administer this test on this trip. Well, we deal with some Harleys merging onto I-25, and just when we have that sorted out and I relax, Felix runs out of gas. Mind you, I don't notice till 5 minutes later (at interstate speed). Fine, pull over and wait, and then I see a cop flick his lights on, around the time it would have taken for Felix to crash and die, somebody to call the cops, and a cop to respond (my worried mind going a mile a minute). I haul ass down to the next exit, pull a U, and race back up. Well, my fears were quickly squashed as he comes by on the opposing lane. He waives, I attempt to signal to him to just keep going. Apparently my signaling skillz need improving...

I flip another U at the next exit, and proceed to catch him, hell-for-leather, balls out. The 250's doing her max of around 100mph, never bothered to look for long. I see a bike up ahead. Maybe it's him? Catch the bike, no go, a Virago. But wait, there's another up ahead. Catch that one, nope, a Harley. Well shit, I know the Loser isn't that fast, and he would've slowed down for me to catch....

Ding, goes the headphones - text message.

I pull off on the next exit and there's a text from Felix, "At the Airforce Academy". Well shit, that's like 8 exits back, so I text him, adjust my luggage, and light up the pipe....

He arrives with a frown on his face, having gotten his first experience of filling up the bike on the side of the highway, buffeted by big-rigs and 4-wheeled nonsense.. An adventurer's attitude though, and the smile quickly turns into a smirk as we find a solution if this ever happens again, and we fill up on the go-go juice....

ON the road again, and CO-Hwy 24 is a joy, save for maybe a big pick-em-up truck trying to kill Felix.... Seems this Aussie is having a run with Colorado. I brake with a quickness as I see staties on the side of the road, on the other side of the road. Neither Felix or the Pick up are as quick to identify, however, Mr. Pickup takes a chill pill when he sees why my tail lights glowed.

Right, finally, at the base of Pikes Peak. Now, up to GlenCove, our camp at 11,000 and to the race. Great little road that one headed to the summit, even with the gravel. Beautifully graded and the like.

Home Sweet Home

Pano of the Glen Cove parking lot and overlooking peaks

Tis tough setting up a tent at 11,000ft... :p

They say everything is bigger in America. This is the road-grader they use to prep the dirt sections of the Pikes Peak road/race course

"We're gonna go here".... :p

Look at that handsome mug...

Where we'll be tomorrow morning

Panning for Gold, the stream was dry

This is where the gold comes from... :p For kiddies

Moisture coming... We got spit on a lot....

I though I was hardcore with my 250.... Well, I guess there's always somebody more stupid...

The Ninja-Terminator takes a break to catch his breath in the cold...


Lonesome little cloud, 2,000ft below us...

Devil's playground, just shy of 13,000ft. Had we known, we wouldn't have ridden up in the dark... Of course, had we not ridden up in the dark, we probably wouldn't have ridden up at all... That is a seriously scary road, especially wet and gusty on the way down....


After struggling up an incline, having gone to the wrong side of the parking lot, we finally find flat ground. Life is rough... :p

The loser hiding behind a connie:

0600, getting settled in

Storm clouds a building in the afternoon.


Since this camera is indestructible and otherwise of the slightly more grizzled nature, I took the liberty to take an appropriate add-campaign foto while waiting for yet another crash to be cleared off the road.

Our view from where we sat:

I'll let Felix post the race cars, being that he had the lens....
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