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This biker went down

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I got thrown by the black horse today, totally my fault. Saved by my gear, I will live to ride again. A little sore in a muscle in my leg and the palms of my hands, I'm the lucky one. The bike took the brunt of the fall, left side is cracked up pretty bad but it's all fixable. I feel bad for the bike, the newness is but a fond memory now. But just like Bartertown, we will rebuild.

A lapse in attention was all it took. I locked the brakes up in a turn and the backend came around sideways, then a second of silence as the bike slammed on it's side throwing me clear. As soon as I hit the asphalt I jumped up and said damn. I guess it had to happen sooner or later, just glad it happened in a safe place. Left a cool skid mark.

I have battle scars on my jacket now. The tally - mirror shattered, fairings broken in several places (front and back), blinkers scraped, handle bar bent and bar end scraped, clutch lever scraped, gear shift bent, little ding in the gas tank from the handle bar, pegs a little scraped, other side fairing has a couple of long black marks from my boot being dragged all the way across it.

And I rode it back home, you're going to have to kill me m*ther f*cker, I just keep getting back up for more. And I'm going to ride tomorrow, how do you like me now? I bent the gear shifter back out with a mallet at work, and did some more adjusting when I got home. The guys at work nicknamed me Evil Kenevil. "Sh*t happens", deal with it.
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Thatta boy. Diggin the attitude. Hope your bike dosn't cost too much to fix or insurance covers it for you. :)

Glad your ok too.

I'm glad you're OK. at least you've got a good attitude about it....we do'nt want you quitting...

Just relax and enjoy riding while you still can - you've got all winter to buy new fairings + fix it. Since most fairings come unpainted, its a good opportunity to get a sick custom job!

Look at the bright side, you're ok, and its a great opportunity to get new stuff for your bike - all sponsored by your trusty insurance company!
We won't tell the insurance company, this is our little secret. Ok? The less they know, the better off we are.

Ratty, I could send you some of the pieces, haha.
HAHA I think its funny bc when I layed mine down I did the same thing you did. I was in the air and already started cussin my ass off. Then once I hit the ground it got even worse. lol Funny thing is that I had sweat pants on and didnt rip one freakin hole. They are now named super pants. lol Gald to hear your cool. Ohh ya BTW that little tweak in you hand wont go away from some time. And when I got mine I accepted the fact that it was going down atleast once.
glad u'r alright!
so, it was a low speed?
at least the shifter didn't break, otherwise you might have to push your bike home!
That's what everyone told me, it's not a matter of if you're going to go down, it's a question of when. I accept my fate.

I'd say I was going around 30 mph, hence the damage. And there's always a backup plan, I'd call my father and tell him "bring the trailer, I have a problem."
May be a good thing you don't tell the ins. co...Great attitude, I would be really pissed!
Look at the bright side...

While waiting for the insurance company to pay and then to buy all the pieces...

Sometimes you just have to learn the hard way, and that way you never forget.

And it totally sucks, but what's done is done.
MadMax said:
Sometimes you just have to learn the hard way, and that way you never forget.

And it totally sucks, but what's done is done.
I know the feeling dude, I have a MASSIVE dented in driver door on my 05 ram 1500 from backing outta a spot at the mall and at first it was so horrific but now its been about a year and it has worn off, i dont even care that much, although it makes the rest of my truck look bad... it was perfect before that... oh well... point is you tend to scab over and your immunity to bad stuff grows and eventually you have a frankenstein bike that you try to sell on ebay but nodody wants it cuz they know what has happened to it.... ( i dont know where i was going with this i sincerely appologize )
dang. :{
Ya ccy I was so glad it was on the right side. Nowhere close to the clutch. Only thing im happy for lol
Shit dude, good to see you have a possitive attitude about a weary situation. Glad to hear you're okay and the gear did its job. Hope you get your bike fixed soon man!
Lammme man. Glad you've got a decent outlook on the situation. 8)
Nasty! Back on the horse, good to hear!

So you just snatched the front brake to hard and no back brake?


Sorry for the bike (well, she is more serious then you right?) Hope you learned some thing from that fall and get well soon (both bike and you)
Felix, I was on both brakes hard and locked them up in a turn (the fatal mistake), the back end slid all the way sideways and the bike threw me and slammed hard on the left side, the road was a little wet too, couldn't have helped.
Eek, no good. Oh well least you know what did it! I've only had a few rear lock ups in the wet, one was on purpose when i pulled a turn into a car space :p


i remember when i took the motorcycle course, i always had the problem of braking in curves
my instructor stopped me a few times and hit my right hand...after like 2-3 hits, i got rid of this habit
maybe you should try that too...!!
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