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The ninja is no more

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The ninja is gone me an her had a nasty fight sliding off the road tilt hen threw a barbed wire fence


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Man how are you?! Those gashes on your fingers look really bad
I'm doin good those two fingers are really bad cut the tendons fingers were halfway cut off took 18 stitches in my fingers
Here's ur sign!!!
How'd u do it?
Speed? Loose sand? Deer? Wabbit? See a hot chic?
Hope u have full coverage dude.....

Loose gravel around a curve at about 25 mph and the back tire was brand new had out about 65 miles that day on it
Wow I'm so sorry. That's crazy
Yeah it does suck pretty bad
Mind if I ask what you were wearing at the time?
Not that anything stops barbed wire
Lucky u didn't get hurt worse dude.....

Had a sleeveless shirt and jeans tennis shoes and my helmet
Had a sleeveless shirt and jeans tennis shoes and my helmet
I hear ya there dude.....
I'm not one to wear much myself when the weathers good.
T...shorts.....sneeks....now a helmit, but never used to wear that till a huge bug wacked me between the eyes last summer....:eek::eek:

I hardly ever wore my helmet only time really is if I was goin on the highway
Now i always wear my helmit....
Just flip the sheild up when going slow to get some air....
Windshield is so low with these u need wind protection anyway after 40 to see well.
Eyes start watering so down goes the sheild.....well i will leave it cracked a bit 4 air.:thumb:
Cool weather...ya heavy dicky work pants, jacket, windgear....boots.....
Once it hits 70's it's back to lighter gear 4 sure...:whistling:
Sand n gravel is something we have to really watch for here in Maine on most roads.....roads suck here.....:eek:
Holes, branches, animals, dumbass texting.....all a big problem.....
Pike is better, but who wants to drive on them boring roads with a sportbike....:facepalm::facepalm:
And we have only one interstate here anyway....North n south....

We have stupid shit like tht here in Oklahoma too i usually like riding around the major lakes here the roads get pretty curvy
Had a sleeveless shirt and jeans tennis shoes and my helmet
Guardian angels definitely kept u from getting killed
Most definately because this is my second bad wreck I had one two years ago that fractured my spine some idiot on the phone swerved at me and he pushed me into the center median at 70 mph on the highway
God Bless and heal quickly & completely
Oh most definately will do and thank you as soon as my hand gets full mobility back I'm going to get another one and start again
Gotta really-really watch them road hazzards 4 sure......
Sometimes ya just gotta go.....
Slow......., but...
Sometimes that even gets u inta trouble....

Yeah cause I was bein slow an cautious around that turn when it slid out from under me
1 - 20 of 76 Posts
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