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Just a simple teaser ;D

-Front Fender A-tech Dry Carbon
-Engine Guard A-tech Dry Carbon
-Cover Rear Brake Fluid A-tech Dry Carbon
-Fender Eliminator A-tech Dry Carbon
-Undercowl A-tech
-Rear Hugger A-tech
-Nassert Beet Big Brake Rotor with Brembo Caliper Kit
-Nassert Beet Fixed Hyper Bank
-Yoshimura Full System Carbon
-Galfer Brake Hoses
-Bridgestone BT 92 120/60 & 150/60
-Original seat cowl
-Factory Pro Blue
-Intuitive Frame Slider
-Carbon printing dashboard+spidometer+spion+side cover
-Muffler Hanger
-Handgrip Harris
-Sproket Driven
-EK Gold Chain
-Windshield MRA

enjoy 8)


to be continue...

Fabulous! The single, most classy, Ninja 250R I have ever seen anywhere. I am sure it must have been expensive. Very Impressive!

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virtualmatrix258 said:
ah see! he took virtual's advice about the carbon fiber mirrors! :p

Great looking bike, good to see 250's get revamped, they're such awesome bikes.
thank you so much

btw, I'll change the mirror with the japanese product

just wait for my update ;)

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Cotton said:
Stunning! absolutely beautiful man. I hate to ask, but do you a final price tag after all is said and done?
I'm sorry bro but I don't understand what you're saying

can you make it more simple ? my english sucks..hehehe

nrhampton said:
Cool. Almost as nice as the white Indonesian one.
How much did all that cost?
the white indonesian is a friend of mine too

I forgot how much I have spent, but it's quite a lot

maybe the cost can give me one more bike

Delta107 said:
That's sick!!!!
thanks dude
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