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Tank pad

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I really didn't want to add a tank pad, but I can see why I need one now. I like the clean (tank) look, but riding in a tuck position is scuffing the paint up. :(

A tank pad, my next mod on the agenda.
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and its a easy mod man dont look that bad can get one that matches the same color as your bike, i tried to look for a black one so you cant see the tank protector but only was in blue, red and this carbon fiber looking, im no cb fan but it was closest to black hahaha and it looks good cant really see it and mines huge! compared to others, your gonna like it : ) plus it adds a little padding to your chest too!
I actually like the look of them.......alot! Especially the black one on my blue tank. Those clear ones are better than i thought , look into them if you want a clean look
Going for the sinister look. ;D
that one looks sweet. did you buy it? says its still for sale...
Thinking about it ............................
Ehh I say do it if you like the design. You can get others at about the same price. And you should be able to take it off if you want something new later.
yeah i place mine and took mine off three times because it would come out slanted when i stuck it on haha, i found this site a while back where they make custom ones cause i wanted to get a gold one pure gold but their like 30 bucks but if you want your own design or something id do that just google it...
I dont think we've seen yours R6 any pics on the site that I havent seen?
haha thanks jester! as you can see i got a big one cost me 10 bucks and it looks like its carbon fiber, i like it i dont wear belts i wear shoe laces as a belt but when i wear a sweater or jacket it protects the whole tank and when im just wearing a shirt it even adds like a little padding all though my chest its pertty cool cant really notice it when im riding up until i get off, im all about the clean slick look this ones does its job...for now : )
ahaha I'm blind cause I still dont see it!!!!
hahaha dude its right in the middle of the tank its like a strip! its a bit off color black you cant miss it!
Thats a tank protector!!!

Man do I need sleep lol
hahahah! yeah dude what did you think it was?!?!?!
Shit dude I was thinking 'Tank Pad' lol gimme a break man I've been working non-stop 24 hours ahahaha.

Looks nice, I like carbon fiber it looks okay except on cars, then it just looks out of place.
hahahha oh man! dang 24 hours, your a mad man! i dont like cb not a big fan of it but was closest to the color black hahaha, thanks man!
Tanks pads are good both ways they protect and they look good.

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