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Tank Bags

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What tank bags have you used that fit really well on the bike? I wanted to get one from Wolfman motorcycle luggage but none of them are magnetic. I think that would be more handy than one that strapped on that i'd have to remove the seat to secure it.

What have you used? B/c i hate wearing this backpack!!!
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I'm using a magnetic Joe Rocket bag that has worked out pretty well. It has enough room for all the things that we seem we just have to bring along on a ride , plus a little extra. Comes with a detachable sholder strap, so you have a way of carrying it when you're away from your bike. Reasonable price, about $40.00 .
unless you are riding your speedtriple TR alum tank haha
You hate the backpack? When I wear mine I forget it's on, I've even taken off my jacket with the backpack still on because I forgot I was wearing it.

What is it that you don't like about it? Is it uncomfortable? Does it obscure rearward vision? Sorry if I'm derailing this thread it's just that I'm curious.
I just don't like putting it on and taking it off to get stuff out of it. Plus mine is a big tarsus laptop bag.
I hear what you're saying. As Zartan mentioned, when I'm on my Triumph the tank bag doesn't work and then I'm forced to stuff everything in my jacket pockets OR carry a backpack. I don't like the backpack, it just makes me feel unbalanced and no matter how hard ya try, you always seem to have a strap blowing around distracting ya. Somewhere down the road I guess I'll pick up a second tankbag.
I have a black Cortech Mini. 8 liter. Not too big not too small. Magnetic fastening. I like it very much.
check out the search function. one member previously stated that the magnetic tank bag was scratching his tank at the contact points...fyi.
you can get 'tank bags' which double up as tail packs. so if your not going to be having anyone on the back i say buy one and strap it to the back of your bike.
i seen "scooters" with a trunk... they have some good looking ones
I have a Joe Rocket Manta tank bag. But I did have to put some neoprene under the magnets as they are really strong and started "pulling" the paint. After that I've had no issues and love it. Keep in mnd that you are more likely to have tiny scratches from dirt. It's great for daily use. I just recently purchased a cortech sport tail bag which is expandable. It will hold enough gear for a 2-3 day trip easy. Of course from New Enough. Can't say enough great things about them!


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After some small scratches appearing from my tank bag, I'm looking at something like this now.



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can u fit a helmet on that thing? it seems like u could
that bag looks pretty good!
anoying thing is with the ninja 250 the indicators are blocked my paniers when they are on the bike
I beat you guys to it!!! In the pictures i have the tail bag pulled forward a little bit so i can lean back on it.


Oh and this saturday i'm doing my Iron Butt Ride. Cross your fingers for good weather!!
External dimensions: 14”H x 14”W x 6.5”D

Hey, yoursailor05, is that the axio bags? What do you think of the tail bag? I'm pretty keen on it.


that looks pretty good! i'd like those for my bike...how much?
Yeah the're the Axio bags. The tail bag straps down real tight but it's only big enough to put in one sweet shirt and a few other nicknacks. The tank bag is magnetic but it holds down better when you strap it in. There's a strap on the front that pulls the front down and then two straps on each side. But i've found it easier to strap down the one in the rear to keep the sides and the bottom down. you can load it up but it will look poofy on the tank if you don't strap the ends down.

On my ride saturday i'm going to use the tank bag but i'm going to wear my backpack b/c it balances me on the bike better than not wearing anything. I like them b/c they have a bunch of pockets and compartments to keep you stuff separated.
1000 miles? nice traveling setup by the way. u just need a touring windshield..
I thought about that and i'm sure it would keep me out of the wind a lot more. I wanted my first one to be the most stock looking one i did. But i'm sure at 700 miles i'll be wishing i put the money into it.
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