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My next project has been thrust upon me after a con rod snapped and did a great immitation of a sardine can opener on the left side of my engine.

So, equipped with a second hand 2008 ZX6 engine - I'm about to perform an engine transplant on my 2007 ZX6R. The second hand engine has around 17,000 miles but is in good running order. I have a copy of the title (salvage) with the correct engine number so I know all is legit. My questions/dilemas are these:

What should I do while I have the engine out of the bike to save me extra work later. The limiting factor is that this is a track bike and I have track days coming up next week that I'll lose my money on if the bike isn't ready - so I'm not planning a complete strip down and rebuild. However I am thinking:

check cam chain & tensioner
check valve clearances
change spark plugs
change oil filter
change/clean air filter

My broken engine is still in the frame - so I'm hoping that a good long session should help me remember and match all the connections. However I do need to draw up a bill of materials as far as gaskets, o-rings, sealants etc. etc. - so if anyone already has this, I would appreciate you sending me a copy which will save me some time. Similarly I'm planning on spending the remainder of this week writing up a checklist in sequence order, but if anyone has already done this - it would be a great time saving for me.

For those of you that have already done this swap - any advice, warnings, gotchas etc will be gratefully received.

Thanks all! I'm off to have some fun!!!

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