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suzuki footpegs reported to fit.

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I bought these same exact pegs. The ones I received from d2moto sags/tilted downward a little bit. I had to mod it to get it leveled with the ground. The picture below has 1/16" spacers and jb welded together.


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Mine don't sag yet but I hear they will wear and sag. Good Idea to spacer them.
thanks for the picture.
They kind of hink me up when I am shifting . They rest again the instep up against the heel and I feel trapped for ever a nano-second. But that could be just how my boot is shaped.

They look cool but if they start sagging I will replace them with the stock ones.
Mine came like that, tilted downward. Some people on Kawiforums have got some that were tilted down and some level. Maybe someone at d2moto is not paying attention when shipping them out. Anyways, easy fix.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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