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Hey Folks,

If you find a smiley on the web which we do not have, which you would like added to our smiley index, please post the smiley here. Please do NOT post links to the smiley. If you don't know how to post an image, here's how.

1.) right click on the smiley and select "copy link location"
2.) paste the link into the quick reply, and add [ img ] in front of the link, and [ /img] behind the link. Eliminate the spaces between [, ] and img.
3.) alternatively you could click on "reply", and click the mountains icon (
) and paste in the url.

When the admins have added the smiley to the list, they will delete your reply, so if you don't see it any more, it means it has been added...

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I can see this as being Onslaughts new favorite thread!!
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