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stolen gear??

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sometimes i see parked motorcycles,
and the rider will use their helmet lock properly, but then leaves their jacket across the dash.
@ least i believe it was their jacket.. unless it was only a small cover..

does anyone leave their motorcycle jacket on their bike like that?
it seemed odd, because of how expensive our gear is.
im hoping it is being tied down somehow, but i was just wondering if anyone did this.
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I leave my helmet on the handle bars only if I am quick. Or if I stop somewhere I can see my bike.
I never leave any gear with my bike! not even locked to it! my buddy was at the local mall and came out only to find his iridium sheild scratched with a key... so even though he still has a helmet he has to buy a new lens! I HATE VANDALS!!! may they all be cast into a shallow grave lined with starving hyenas!
On a few occasions, I have left my jacket with the bike, but only with a lock through the sleeves.
even if you choose to lock you helmet, beware of bird droppings...not cool to have nasty things on the shield!
i had a bird poop on my leg while i was cornering at 45 miles per hour... talk about great aim!
great accuracy ;D
at that speed...did it splash... ???
I generally just hang my helmet off my handlebars or leave it next to my bike, lay the jacket over the bike.

Allot of my mates can't believe it but I always say to them "Hey, It hasn't been stolen yet"
....famous last words. hopefully you didn't just jinx (sp?) yourself.
Haha... In Malaysia, you'll lost every thing even you locked them :D :D :D
People will steal anything!! Especially now.
Meh, I've always said it. If it gets stolen it gets stolen, I don't really care. Insurance ftw. Bulk claim. Booya.
ccy said:
great accuracy ;D
at that speed...did it splash... ???
yea it was a nasty splash down my leg... which i washed off when i got to work... haha
The topic just change for Stolen Gear to bird poo.Ha ha

There is a saying here.If you got hit by bird poo you'll have good luck.

Na,I rather go with a little less LUCK.
Ratty, you said something about bulk insurance. Does that mean that they will cover your riding gear? That would be cool!
just to stay off topic... a bird pooed on the very top of my helmet at 60mph...
yeah i never ever left my gear on my bike here in houston...its like just handing it out to someone its for sure to get stolen lol
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