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So all my friends blew off tonight, grrr, and Cherry was in dire need of some attention, being that I've been fondling the loser and the Eliminator for too long (long story on those 2, I'll post up later as I get more done). So I thought, being that I've got the fairings off - for reasons I'll disclose in a different thread, I'd get something done which has been needing to get done for a long time now. Permanent block-off plates for the stock mirror holes, being that I have bar-end mirrors. Ensue pictures:

First, ya start with a cardboard cut-out of what you want to make.

Then trace shape on material to be used (in this case, thin Aluminum sheet)

Then ya cut out the shape with tin-snips, and grind the edges clean with a bench grinder

Aeh, then you hit them with a ball-peen hammer to give them a slightly concave shape

Then you measure where the holes for the bolts go using the awesome ninja hand-vice technique

Guiding marks

Intends inside guiding marks made with punch to guide the drill bit making the holes

Drilled and nasty edges:

Cleaned up:

Polish it up with a wire wheel on the drill press:

Cut the existing rubber insulators you created last time you made the hack covers to fit the new permanent covers:

I got a little carried away making them fit with the bench grinder. Note: yes, you can use a bench grinder to manipulate rubber. I added the rubber insert so the aluminum plates would scuff up my paint...

Mounted and purdy. They'll get a coat of red paint, along with the bolts next weekend, I think. Hopefully it doesn't take me a year and a half to paint them....


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Mine are like yours spooph but i used the mirror rubbers, 4 screws (the metal L shape metal piece that connects the mirror to the bike and other thing was filled with bondo), and washers. I dont have cool tools like spooph, but still turn out great.

Nice job spooph, way-to use those skills and tools of yours! :D
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