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Please help. I installed the SPY 5000m (aka BANVIE 5000m) on my 2019 Ninja 400 ABS and everything works except the remote start. It cranks but it would not start. As others suggested, I removed the Brown and Violet blades from the key switch / barrel connector, soldered a 100 ohm resistor connecting the Brown and Violet, reconnected the Brown blade to the connector (but not the Violet one) so that the Violet cable is only connected to the Brown via the resistor.

* the V cable is only connected to BR via the resistor.

Even after doing this, the bike will start with the key but only cranks with the remote. Any suggestions?

If it helps someone else trying to get this alarm installed, the other cables are connected as follows:
Alarm Wire Color / Motorcycle Wire Color - Location
RED / Positive (+) - Battery
BLACK / Negative (-) - Battery
BLACK / Any good ground on the motorcycle
YELLOW / Green - Right Turn Signal Light
YELLOW / Green - Left Turn Signal Light
PINK + BROWN / Brown - Left side of the "10A IGNITION" fuse box (Top, looking down view)*
GREY / Brown / White - Right side of the "10A IGNITION" fuse (Top looking down view)*
* The "10A IGNITION" fuse itself has not been reconnected (it will cause a short if you do)
BLUE / Yellow / Red wire inside the starter relay, right next to the main fuse:

Any help would be appreciated. It is driving me insane that everything works except the remote start.
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